SA 8000 – Corporate Social Responsibility

La D’Angelo Antonio srl operates in compliance with the requirements of the SA 8000 standard, known as “Corporate Social Responsibility” issued by RINA, for all business activities and subject to authorization by the National Waste Registry:

  • Collection, transport and disposal of urban, special and non-hazardous waste
  • Waste brokerage
  • Environmental remediation even in a confined environment
  • Environmental consultancy
  • Road haulage of goods for third parties
  • Ecological emergency intervention
  • Post closure landfill management.


Pursuing a policy of strict compliance with the laws and regulations applicable to its activities and also adopts the principle of highest integrity even where the laws lend themselves to permissive applications or interpretations.

ISO 37001 – Prevention of Corruption

The D’Angelo Antonio srl has adopted a new management system for its organization, in order to obtain a new certification for the prevention of corruption according to the dictates of the international standard ISO 37001. The company fully feels the commitment to guarantee actions and conduct based exclusively on criteria of transparency, correctness and moral integrity, which prevent any attempt at corruption.

The Management of D’Angelo Antonio srl adopts a firm and absolute prohibition approach against any form of corruption at all levels of the organization.

ISO 45001: 2018 – Safety and Health in the Workplace

D’Angelo pursues a policy which, in addition to fully satisfying the requirements for the protection of the environment and natural resources, ensures the health and safety of workers as an integral part of its development process, in respect and in harmony with the principles enshrined in EU and national rules in this regard, identifying the dangers to the activities and assessing their risks in advance, adopting solutions capable of preventing accidents and professional pathologies, and in any case minimizing, as far as technically possible and economically compatible, their possibility of occurrence.