The Scania R660, Euro 6, 12,000-liter ADR Kaiser Moro Combination Equipment, intended for purging and uses in industrial hydrodynamic, duct and pipeline cleaning, with high-pressure jets, as well as for the suction of liquids, sludges, powders and solid granulars, and for the transportation of goods and hazardous waste.

Equipment is used for the following services: hazardous and non-hazardous goods transfer, washing contaminated areas, depressurizing piezometric wells, subsurface soil venting, pressurizing pipes/subsoil, and cleaning and unclogging sewers.


It is equipped with L4AH and S4AH vacuum-resistant cylindrical shaped tank, made of stainless steel, with rear bottom closure by 6 adjustable hydraulic wedges, with tank tipping and locking device and side polyethylene water tanks, from the Elegance Line, with a total capacity of 4,000 liters.

The tank is operated through a ROBUSCHI lobe vacuum pump, model RB-DV 105, with a flow rate of 65,000 liters/minute; it is also equipped with a Pratissori high-pressure pump, model MK50, with a flow rate of 240 liters/minute and a max pressure of 250 bar, and a Bellin volumetric transfer pump, model PLG 1,500, with rotating reels made of Viton, with a max flow rate of 1,450 liters/minute. It also has hydraulic side reels with high-pressure hoses. All controls can be operated either manually or through a radio control for remote operations.


The Comec ADR Trailer is a single-compartment stainless steel tanker with a capacity of 18,400 liters, complete with a Bellin 1,500 type transfer pump, equipped for the transport of hazardous liquids, with the entire set of components and devices available, suitable for carrying out the specific work of collecting, loading, unloading and handling of waste and goods, hazardous and non-hazardous.

Both have been prepared for interconnection to the customer-user’s IT and logistics systems and equipped with the technologies essential for obtaining the benefits of the National “Industry 4.0” Plan.